Official Race Report – Cancer Charity Race Event At PORC

The Cancer Charity Race was started last year by Nick Tonks, with the first one being hosted at the Bull Track. This year Downhill Freeriders had the pleasure of organising this race at PORC to raise funds and awareness of this dreadful disease.

People started arriving on Saturday to camp and attend Whisper Bikes Bunny Hop Mini Whip Off and barbeque that afternoon, and the party flowed on into the evening. The success of this was noted by the many sore heads the next morning. 

Race Day dawned a magnificent day, and the energy was palpable. Riders and spectators streamed into PORC and the car park overflowed in to the bottom field and any other available space was snapped up in the first hour.

There was a queue right onto the road outside Whisper Bikes when registration opened at 8.30am.

Practice also started at 8.30 and continued until 11.30, to give the huge number of riders maximum practice time. Despite a small, unexpected delay due to a timing equipment issue, spirits remained high and the first run kicked off shortly after 12.

Once again, Mike Joseph and PORC’s trail building crew came up with a fresh, new, exciting track which appealed to all ages, shapes and sizes, even Sumo Wrestlers!

All gaps and drops were closed off, and only the chicken runs were open, to ensure a fair and safe race for all riders.

Riders conquered the track on a dazzling array of bikes ranging from Mini BMX’s, kiddies bikes, 12 inch to 29’ers.

Riders and spectators alike made a massive effort with their fancy dress costumes and wearing the colour pink wherever possible, making a bold statement against Cancer.

From the start ramp riders were faced with the well known table top, and many a whip and fancy trick were on display for the spectators and photographers.

With a few, hard pedal strokes riders dived left into Berm 2, then dropped into the first steep section, which riders on small bikes had some difficulty with and had to either dismount or hang on for dear life and hope for the best!

downhill mountain bike raceImage credit: Alex Court Photography

The more serious riders on DH Race bikes, made easy meat of this, shooting through this section and launching off a tiny jump, making it look far bigger than it was.

The novelty bike riders had to roll over this jump for fear of wiping out.

The track then snaked it’s way down through a series of sandy, switchback turns which were a key part of the race line, making or losing time depending on a riders commitment to the corners.
Image Courtesy Of Marcin Bialis Photography
Image credit: Marcin Bialas Photography

Riders were spat out onto a mini straight which launched them into a tunnel of trees and bushes dubbed the “Tunnel Of Love” which forced riders to duck to get through it.

Coming out of the tunnel, you dropped down into a few more berms, which if pumped correctly, generated a massive amount of speed, allowing more experienced riders to clear a set of doubles.

From this point on, rider fitness came into play as the track opened up and the race was truly on.This section was where serious riders could pedal hard to generate maximum speed, slamming them into a left hand berm, which catapulted riders down past the pond and shot them into the woods to carry them into the slightly uphill, cambered root section which made for difficult pedalling, so the speed was essential.

Approaching the closed off stream, gap riders were forced to take the chicken run over the wooden bridge, then up and around to the new finish line. Lactic acid kicking in big time. This final section tested rider fitness to the max and separated the men from the boys and the women from the girls.

From this point on, rider fitness came into play as the track opened up and the race was truly on.

downhill mountain biking kent

Image credits: Marcin Bialas Photography

Once across the line riders gathered to view their times on the monitor provided by Mikrotime, and were relieved to see the uplift vehicle waiting to take them to the top of the track for their next run.

Prize giving took place at 4pm usual time, which was amazing considering the late start and a full three runs completed for each rider. The crowds gathered on the green outside PORC’s famous clubhouse to see the winners get the fantastic prizes provided by our sponsors.

Friends, families and sponsors(link to sponsor page) alike enjoyed the good natured banter and the children were able to join in with the handing out of prizes and the raffle draw.

All in all, a superb day was had by all and we managed to raise £1598.17 from race entries alone. A huge thank you to all who came and supported this magnificent event for a very important cause.

Thank you to all the sponsors, Kenny Racing, Schwalbe, Juice Lubes, Whisper Bikes, Mikrotime, Zagway, geebeebee, Southcoast Suspension, Mucky Nutz, Mulebar, Broken Riders, Mozartt, Ti-Springs & Wizard Wash

Full race times can be found on Mikrotimes website.

Winner results below:

1. Jay SHAW | Master Men | Team PORC/Whisper Bikes | 0:59.27
2. Samuel BRIGHTMAN | Senior Men Intrepid | 0:59.57
3. Guy THERON | Veteran Men Whisper Bikes Race Team |1:01.23

Young Rippers Under 12
1. Tyler CHAPMAN | 1:22.52
2. Gabriel Gagnebe MARRIOTT | Trace Defrein Collective | 1:24.83
3. Jett JOSEPH | Team PORC/BTR Fabrications | 1:31.38

Women 12 Plus
1. Rosa MARTIN | Team PORC/Whisper Bikes | 1:11.39
2. Julia KOMORNIKOVA | 1:19.20
3. Kate GOLDSMITH | 1:21.81

Juvenile Men 12-14
1. Josh MEAD | Team PORC/Whisper Bikes | 1:03.96
2. Riley JENNER | Team BTR Fabrications/Porc | 1:05.90
3. Aaron BENNETT | Team BTR Fabrications/Porc | 1:11.10

Youth Men 15-16
1. Matt NEWINGTON | Sketchy MTB | 1:04.06
2. Ben BISHOP | Trace Defrein Collective | 1:05.90
3. Matthew McGOVERN |1:07.35

Junior Men 17-18
1. Sushant LAMA | TTC | 1:04.81
2. Scott WILLIAMS | Team PORC/Whisper Bikes | 1:04.84
3. Will GREENFIELD | 1:06.06

Senior Men 19-29
1. Samuel BRIGHTMAN | Intrepid | 0:59.57
2. Tom GREDLEY | Biketart.Com | 1:02.18
3. Paul WALLIS | 1:02.98

Master Men 30-39
1. Jay SHAW | Team PORC/Whisper Bikes | 0:59.27
2. Tomas KUPSTYS | Bird Cycleworks | 1:01.57
3. Lee HILLIER | 1:02.12

Veteran Men 40 Plus
1. Guy THERON | Whisper Bikes Race Team | 1:01.23
2. Alan MULDOON | Trace Defrein Collective | 1:01.54
3. Mark TWOHEY | Sketchy MTB | 1:06.58



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